About us

3 generations - one dream

Our history

More than 50 years ago Erich Miedl learned the craft of staircase construction. 

In 1963 he passed the master craftsman's examination and a few years later, supported by his wife Traude, he began to set up his own carpentry in the basement of their house.

He manufactures windows, doors, balconies, wooden ceilings and stairs. The demand for staircases was enormous and so the expansion of the machinery was going to set up for solid wood processing.

The basement is soon too small and Erich Miedl acquires an old chair factory in the neighboring village Fahrafeld. Journeymen carpenters and apprentices work with him and the old building is gradually expanded and renovated according to the economic specifications and in cooperation with the trade authority.


Together with his son Michael, who started an apprenticeship in his father's company and graduated as a master craftsman, they were one of the first companies to introduce computer-aided staircase planning.

From concrete stair cladding to wooden handrails for metal railings, they further expand the company's offerings to this day. In the new millennium, the next generation has taken over, bringing with them a new vision. Erich has handed the business to his son Michael to successfully lead the next generation. In 2004, Michael received their first large foreign order. Successfully producing and assembling a large main staircase for a luxury yacht

In 2009, after several re-planning proposals, the factory at Fahrafeld was deemed economically unsustainable for the next generation and the search for a suitable company location began. Four years later, after many negotiations and half a year of construction, production of our new factory started in October of 2013.

In 2020, we acquired a processing center from the Reichenbacher company and took the step towards CNC production. And thanks to our talented team have gained a strong aptitude in CNC production.


Currently we are investing in PV systems to continue our path of growth and sustainable operation.

Through multiple generations, our quality has been our greatest priority and our greatest success. Countless satisfied customers is our proof, and word of mouth has traditionally been our best form of advertising. Soon, the next change of generation will come. And with this, we will have many new ideas for a strong future. Combined with the unbeatable experience and guidance from the older generations the future looks bright.

Our best advertising was and is many satisfied customers.

Our head office

We have been located at this location since 2013.

Our company has a useful area of over 2.000m2, within 300m2 office space and 1.700m2 are available for manufacturing.

We Currently have 25 employees working at our factory. Wich means:

Master craftsmen/engineers/office workers/journeymen and apprentices , assigned to manufacturing and planning.

Our work consists of 30% private orders and 70% yacht outfitting.

That means about 15-20 orders for private clients, as well as 2-3 yacht projects per year.

How you can find us